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Dr. Laurence R. Riddle

Dr. Riddle formed Signal Systems Corporation in the summer of 1995, after more than 15 years working in corporate research and development and defense contracting. As President of SSC, Dr. Riddle brings a unique combination of research and management skills, plus technical expertise, to high technology systems engineering.

In addition to conducting or leading dozens of independent research and development projects, Dr. Riddle has extensive experience managing full scale engineering development (FSED) projects. His work has earned him professional recognition, through both awards and published papers, as well as a patent.

Dr. Riddle received his Ph.D., in Electrical and Computer Engineering, from the Johns Hopkins University. He completed his undergraduate studies at the Georgia Institute of Technology in Applied Physics with highest honors.

Other Staff Members

Ninety percent (90%) of our engineering staff hold advanced engineering degrees and more than 50% have been developing signal processing systems for at least 10 years. Signal Systems Corporation has 20 other staff members, 18 with Masters degrees and 7 with Ph.D's.